Dwayne johnson and girlfriend expect second child

Dwayne johnson and girlfriend expect second child

Actor dwayne johnson (45, "fast& furious") and his girlfriend lauren hashian are expecting offspring – apparently to the particular delight of their two-year-old daughter jasmine.

"Can't wait to become big sister and finally be the boss," reads a sign seen in an instagram photo of "the rock," with little jasmine sitting in front of it. He posted the picture on monday (local time).

Himmelkron wants two mobile homes – up to 500 jobs

The construction of two mobile markets near himmelkron is far from off the table. On tuesday evening, the municipal council unanimously decided to initiate a regional planning procedure for the new building west of the BAB9 and north of the bundesstrabe 303.

Gerhard muller, managing director of the bayreuth housing association, spent more than an hour explaining the proposal – knowing full well that the government of upper franconia would reject it.

Escalation in guantanamo – rubber bullets against prisoners

Escalation in guantanamo - rubber bullets against prisoners

There have been minor injuries on both sides, CNN quoted a military spokesman at guantanamo bay as saying. 166 suspected terrorists are still being held there, many of them since 2002, when the camp was established.

U.S. President barack obama announced a closure of the camp within a year after taking office in 2009, but failed due to massive congressional opposition to transferring the prisoners to U.S. Soil. Spokesman jay carney briefly stressed that obama still wants to shut down the camp. At present, however, there are no signs of any efforts in this direction.

Experts speculate about the strength of the solar storm

Experts speculate about the strength of the solar storm

What is certain is that the storm on thursday had dislodged itself from the sun 150 million kilometers away. He should hit the earth on saturday afternoon according to calculations.

Esa expert juka-pekka lontama said late saturday afternoon that the esa is expecting a "moderate" to "strong" storm. US weather agency NOAA expects "weak" to "moderate" consequences.

Smoke detector obligation: deadline met, deadline passed

The most important question first: in which rooms must smoke detectors be installed?? Bernd kotzner explains it: at least one "in every child's room, in every bedroom and in every corridor leading to living or recreation rooms." the fireman from zeil has dealt with the subject intensively. At his employer, the maincor company, he is a fire protection officer, and he has also qualified as a "smoke alarm specialist have trained. Now he advises companies and private individuals on the questions that can arise in connection with the legal smoke detector obligation.

He also installs the devices and checks their operational readiness. Since 1. According to the bavarian building code, all households must be equipped with smoke detectors by january 1. Although smoke detectors have been mandatory in bavaria since september 2012, there have been various deadlines. For all new buildings constructed after 2012, the smoke detector obligation has been mandatory for five years now. For older existing buildings, the deadline is now 31 december. December 2017 from. Of course, in bernd kotzner's experience, this does not mean that every building has been retrofitted accordingly. One of the reasons for this is that there is no control by the legislator: "no one comes to your house and checks the smoke alarm system."
the 36-year-old sends out a warning: if someone comes by and pretends to want to see if the smoke detectors are installed, that person will certainly have other things on his mind than worrying about fire protection in the building. Therefore: only the person you have commissioned to do so should be allowed access to your smoke alarm devices. If, for example, in rented apartments the landlord has commissioned a specialist for the purpose of installation, the landlord should inform his tenants of this.

Hot air fights pests at coburg fortress

A kind of gigantic hose is currently attracting attention in the castle courtyard of veste coburg. The noise of a coarse-dimensioned blower can be heard without interruption. Unmistakable: coburg fortress is once again a challenge for the bamberg state building authority.

Fight against nagekafer

A few weeks after the completion of the renovation work on the red tower, the building authority has this time set its sights on the so-called bulgarian tower. But this time it is not about masonry in need of renovation and work on the roof and windows. This time the problem is on the inside: pest infestation.

Day care in the rugendorf village store?

The "rugendorfladen has failed in rugendorf. Today, monday, the municipal council decides in its meeting whether the village store can become a day care facility.

People did not participate

A single car is parked in front of the "rugendorfladen": to withdraw money, because shopping is not possible anymore for a long time. The store is closed, the cooperative is in the process of bankruptcy liquidation. "It was simply not accepted", says elisabeth schmidt-hofmann. "I myself bought everything there. But it was not possible to make people understand that the 'rugendorfladen' is not a supermarket", according to the municipal council. The assortment was smaller. "You didn't have a choice of five types of beans, but you could get everything."

Roland fister turns “dorian gray” into a musical opera

Oscar wilde's novel "the picture of dorian gray is a scandalous literary masterpiece. Roland fister, conductor at the landestheater, has made a musical opera out of it. The premiere will take place on saturday in coburg.

Who quickly enters the piano excerpt from "dorian gray"? Purely blatant, stumbles again and again over clever changes of tact. How often did you, as a conductor, curse the composer roland fister during rehearsals??
Roland fister: maybe it was more necessary to ask how often the orchestra cursed the composer and conductor. The score is already demanding, more demanding than I had actually thought. But as a former percussionist, you don't think too much about changing the beat. And of course there is the fact that in the case of a premiere there are no reference recordings. The other challenge is the frequent changes of key.

Seblach biogas plant provides electricity and warmth

Seblach biogas plant provides electricity and warmth

How to make gold out of gulle? Probably only a few dubious TV stars know that. In seblach, the excrement of the animals is now being used for a much more sensible purpose: in the biogas plant of farmer albert sebald, it is converted into electricity and heat. Yesterday the plant was inaugurated.

Construction work started just under a year ago. At the time, there was considerable time pressure, as the 1. January 2012 the feed-in law was changed – and sebald and his second managing director franz robner wanted to bring the plant online in time under all circumstances. Otherwise they had to reckon with much worse compensation conditions. The whole thing was indeed a close call: on 30. And 31. December 2011 the plant supplied electricity for the first time – company chuckled.