10 Netflix teen drama series that can teach you a language

Volume up, sync off. As these Netflix series prove, you can learn a lot from fictional high schools – maybe even a new language.

They're cool, they're catty, they're anything but nice… And that's exactly why we love them! Television shows about teenagers have taken over Netflix in all parts of the world. To learn languages, there's nothing better than a foreign high school drama where slang is a given and emotions run so high you don't even need subtitles (don't even think about dubbing!).

We've picked out 10 of our favorite international films. So adjust your school uniform and practice your pout, because the lessons you learn in these schools don't come from books.

1. AlRawabi School for Girls (Arabic)

The bullied become the bullies in this elegant new series set in an upscale Jordanian girls' school. Don't let the cotton candy pink uniforms fool you, because there's nothing cute about these girls when it comes to getting even with their rivals. You won't know which of the gangs to feel more sorry for.

2. Derry Girls (English)

Although this comedy series was only recently released, it is set at the height of the "Troubles," the violent conflict of the 1990s in Northern Ireland. Still, life goes on for this group of five fun teenagers who just want what all teenagers want: Love and freedom, but they do it with a great '90s soundtrack and an even greater wardrobe.

3. Elite (Spanish)

Three working-class scholarship students struggle to fit in at their posh Spanish high school. When a wealthy student dies, the blame is immediately placed on the outsiders. But as the plot is revealed in two time levels, it becomes clear that no one, rich or poor, is without secrets.

4. Love Alarm (Korean)

This highly successful Korean series is about a high school girl who lives in a world influenced by a popular app that tells the people around you if you are interested in them. A contact tracing for love? Let's just say there are things we're better off not knowing.

5. Mortel (French)

Sofiane and his two friends make a mystical pact to find his missing brother, and get superpowers as part of the deal. But once they try out what it means to have superhuman powers, they begin to deviate from the original mission. The power-drunk Sofiane begins to resemble a villain himself.

6. Quicksand (Swedish)

Another elite school, another murder case (well, is Netflix following a pattern there?). When 18-year-old Maja is arrested after a school shooting, the question is whether Maja is actually the killer or another victim. For the events that led to the tragedy, including her relationship with the tempestuous Sebastian, are revealed.

7. Sex Education (English)

In this hilarious comedy, the son of a famous sex therapist discovers he can make money off his mother's knowledge. And how? By advising fellow students at his school. The only problem is that once the floodgates of therapy open, he finds himself in way over his head.

8. Good Morning Call (Japanese)

This Japanese drama is an adaptation of the manga series "Good Morning Call" by Yue Takasuka. A high school girl finally gets her own apartment – the only catch? She has to share it with the most popular boy in school and keep it a secret. The lighthearted story follows the two protagonists as they navigate the life of a teenager.

9. The Stranded (Thai)

When a tsunami strands a group of students on their remote island school, it seems like things can't get any worse. But when no one comes to rescue her, and the island (whose name creepily means "The Gate") starts playing dangerous games with its teenage prisoners, things really start to get dicey.

10. We Are The Wave (German)

A group of high school misfits fall under the spell of charismatic new student Tristan. Together they form a movement with the mission of taking revenge on their former tormentors. It doesn't take long, however, for egos to get the upper hand and the movement of the wave to get more and more out of control.

With these 10 teen drama series, you'll be well-equipped for your next Netflix evening. Have fun binge watching!

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