5 Tips for more fitness motivation

Tips for more fitness motivation

Many people want to lose weight, get fit and healthier, but fail to do so. Often only the necessary motivation is missing.
We show the most important five tips for an extra motivation boost!

What drives people?

In general, the social environment plays a significant role for adults. Yet about 80 percent of all people surveyed in a fitness study said they would exercise more often if they asked friends more often. After the environment, but also follows the physical health, fitness and balance with stress reduction.

Tip 1: Set goals

In the word "motivation" is the word "motive", which means "reason". So if you want to motivate yourself, you should first ask yourself: Why do I want to do sports??

Defining the why helps especially when a motivation low is threatening then.

It is important here, however, that not only the goals should be set, such as weight reduction or stress reduction, but also the feeling afterwards. What should the goal achieve? It's equally helpful to imagine how it will feel to achieve the goal.

Motivation in sports

Tip 2: Your own plan

People need fixed dates and clear routines. Therefore, it is especially helpful to make a set plan for the day or. the week and see when it is best to do sports.

An example of this is:

  • Strength training on Mondays
  • Swimming Wednesdays
  • Strength training and running on Fridays
  • Swimming on Sundays

It's also important to add some variety to your exercise routine. This can be different sports or different workouts. In addition, regeneration days should also be scheduled alongside sports days.

Fixed dates and clear routines

Tip 3: Friends as a motivation booster

As already indicated at the beginning, the social environment plays a major role in motivation. Especially if the sport has not yet become a routine, a certain amount of support from a good friend or a training partner makes sense.

If friends don't have time or also lack motivation, for example, a group or personal trainer as well as online coach can be sought out to motivate as well.

The clear advantage then, however, is that this person examines the athletic performance and can also give advice and tips if necessary.

Tip 4: Documenting progress

Often the feeling of accomplishing something makes you happier than the activity itself. Those who make progress in sports and achieve their set goals feel happier and are also directly more motivated to achieve further goals. But unfortunately, many do not remember their athletic progress.
For this reason, documenting one's progress and achievements is extremely useful. The best way to do this is to keep a training diary. But pictures and videos can also be made.

Documenting one's progress and accomplishments

Tip 5: As simple as possible

Another tip is not to make everything too complicated and exhausting for yourself. The so-called weaker self loves distractions. For this reason, the weaker self should be made as comfortable and easy as possible so as not to be discouraged from training.

Try to remove all obstacles that could be a hindrance to training. For example, visiting a gym in the immediate vicinity may be a good idea, as the long drive or crowded public transportation to the gym is demotivating.

The shorter the distance, the more often people like to work out.

You should also choose a sport that doesn't require a lot of equipment to carry or set up. Windsurfing is certainly a fun and challenging hobby, but it requires sports equipment that is not very practical or handy. In addition it still needs a strong wind – a factor, which one can hardly influence. More suitable are practical sports, such as jogging or fitness exercises, for which nothing more is needed than a pair of comfortable sports shoes.

Additional Tip:

People are lazy. And that's a good thing too. Because it allows the brain to store a lot of energy and constantly evolve. It would certainly be very inconvenient if the brain had to constantly relearn how to brush the teeth or tie the laces of the shoes.

Therefore, anyone who needs some motivation for their sport should rely on their routine. What sounds a bit boring is a helpful tool for athletes to motivate themselves.

Researchers agree: A person needs about 21 days to establish a new habit. If you exercise for 21 days, you can not only see the first positive effects on your health and psyche – you'll find it even easier to continue exercising. The first 21 days can be very stressful in most cases. However, once these days are done, the rest is a breeze.

Most of the time it's just the first step that is the biggest obstacle for most people. Once this one is done, it's all uphill. That's why sometimes you should just take the first step – and the motivation will find itself.

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