Australian shepherd golden retriever mix – what you need to know!

Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever Mix is a mix of 2 of the most popular breeds of dogs. Both the Australian Shepherd, which was originally bred as a herding dog, and the Golden Retriever are particularly popular family dogs. With the right upbringing, the cross between the two breeds will grow up to be a loyal and faithful companion.

Before you get such a dog, however, you should consider whether the cross is suitable for you and whether you can do justice to your four-legged friend. That's why in this article I want to tell you everything you need to know about the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix!

Overview of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix

The Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever Mix is a designer dog, which is often also called Australian Retriever. It is speculated that the cross was first purposefully bred in 2007. As the demand for this dog continued to grow in the following years, more and more breeders focused on this crossbreed.

The history of the Australian Shepherd is somewhat clearer. The breed originated in Australia, from where it was exported to the USA together with sheep. In the United States, the animals were used as herding dogs. This is how the breeding was further refined.

But the Australian Shepherd was not only popular with farmers. Gradually he also established himself as a loyal family dog. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, the breed was among the 15 most popular breeds in the U.S. in 2019.

The Golden Retriever, on the other hand, originated in Scotland. Due to its high intelligence and willingness to learn, it became one of the most popular dog breeds there in a very short time.

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However, the Golden Retriever owes its popularity not only to its intelligence, but also to its ability in skill competitions and in tasks that require a high degree of obedience.

How the Australian Retriever does as a family dog, I would like to explain to you towards the end of this article in a little more detail.

The appearance of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix

Just like all crosses, the appearance of the puppies is very difficult to predict. The kittens can be either more like an Australian Shepherd or a Golden Retriever.

The appearance of the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is characterized mainly by its striking colorations. The color of its coat can range from black to red to blue-merle or red-merle. This is a marbled black with a gray base color or a marbled red/brown with a light red/beige base color.

In addition, these basic colors can be combined with different colored markings. These can be white or copper colored. Of course, the animals can have markings in both colors or no markings at all.

Thus, there are a total of 16 possible color variations in the Australian Shepherd. The area around the eyes and ears is usually colored mostly in a color other than white.

The eyes can have different colors from brown to blue to amber. The special thing about this breed is that many animals also have 2 different colored eyes.

The appearance of the Golden Retriever

There are less color variations in the Golden Retriever than in the Australian Shepherd. The animals can have different shades, which can range from cream to gold to dark gold.

The eyes of the Golden Retriever are dark, which gives the dogs a particularly endearing expression.

Just like the Australian Shepherd, the Golden Retriever's coat is of medium length and consists of a smooth to wavy top coat and a dense and water-repellent undercoat. This is how the animals are protected against any weather.

The appearance of the cross

The coat of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix can be smooth or wavy. In any case, it is of medium length. Since the animals also lose quite a lot of hair, it depends here especially on the right care. I would like to go into this point in more detail in the course of this article.

The color of the coat can be quite different from puppy to puppy. So each animal has a unique color pattern. The colors black, brown and white are common. Rarely you can also find animals in a golden coloring, which resembles the golden retriever.

Pure golden dogs are relatively rare, however. In most cases, the coat is combined with other colors.

The size of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix

Both the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever are medium-sized dogs. The Australian Shepherd usually reaches a shoulder height between 46 and 58 cm, whereby bitches are often somewhat smaller.

Golden Retriever bitches usually reach a shoulder height of 51 to 56 cm and males a shoulder height of 56 to 61 cm.

Accordingly, an Australian Retriever can reach a size of about 46 to 61 cm, depending on which genes are inherited from the parents. However, you can assume that bitches will be a little smaller in size.

The weight of the Australian Retriever

Just as with shoulder height, the weight of the cross can vary greatly. Of course, it also depends on the size of the dog in particular. Australian Shepherds usually reach a weight between 16 and 34 kg.

Golden Retrievers on the other hand are usually a bit heavier, with females weighing between 30 and 36 kg, males between 34 and 40 kg.

The life expectancy of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix

Under normal circumstances and with a healthy diet, the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix can live between 13 and 15 years. So if you want to get a dog like this, you should be sure that you can take care of it for as long as you do.

Possible diseases in the Australian Retriever

Like any crossbreed, the Australian Retriever can inherit various diseases from its parents. As a rule, however, it can be said that this mix is relatively healthy.

Diseases that may occur more frequently in the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix are as follows:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Cataract

Of course it is not possible to exclude that your dog will not suffer from one of these diseases. But to prevent this, you should take a close look at the parents and let them show you the pedigree.

Furthermore, regular visits to the vet are of course recommended. In this way, possible diseases can be detected early and often treated.

By the way, in this article we take a closer look at the Aussie Husky, a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Husky.

The nature of the Australian Retriever

Both the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever are particularly intelligent breeds. In addition, both possess a high urge to move and want to be constantly challenged.

The character of the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has a balanced and friendly nature. However, it is rather reserved towards strangers. Therefore an early and good socialization of the Australian Shepherd is very important.

For example, it is a good idea to visit a dog park or dog school regularly when your dog is still a puppy.

In addition, the Australian Shepherd was originally bred as a herding dog. Even today these instincts still come through. So animals often tend to want to herd everything that moves. This can include children or cars.

The character of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is characterized mainly by its obedience and its "Will to Please". This means that the animals are eager to please their owners. For this reason they are particularly obedient and easy to lead.

Her cheerful and lively nature made her an ideal family member. Thanks to their high level of patience, dogs are very difficult to upset. Even in old age Golden Retrievers are still very active and playful.

What is the nature of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix?

Just like the appearance, the temperament of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix is difficult to predict. As a rule, however, the crossbreed is quite people-oriented and dislikes being separated from its family.

So if your dog has to spend several hours alone every day, an Australian Retriever is not the right choice for you.

In addition, the animals have quite a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise. Keeping an Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix in a city apartment is therefore not optimal. Best you should offer a house with a garden.

Since the animals are quite intelligent, the right education is especially important. The Australian Retriever learns new tricks and commands with great pleasure and especially quickly.

You should also make sure your dog has enough to do. Otherwise, he will look for his own occupation, and that can sometimes mean chewing on various objects.

The care of the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever Mix

Since the Australian Retriever tends to shed quite a bit of hair throughout the year, proper coat care is especially important.

It is best to comb your four-legged friend's coat with a firm bristle brush at least once a week. This will prevent the formation of nodules on one hand. Moreover, loose hair can be removed in this way. This will reduce the amount of shed fur that collects on your sofa and clothes.

Once a month you should also bathe your dog. Furthermore, it is important that you clean out the ears of your Australian Retriever about once a week to avoid ear infections.

Regular tooth brushing is also recommended. Last but not least, the nails of your four-legged friend should also be trimmed from time to time. Otherwise, walking will feel quite uncomfortable for your dog.

Is the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix suitable as a family dog??

The Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix can be the optimal choice for you if you are looking for a faithful and loyal family member. However, it depends here above all on the correct education and an early socialization.

Especially if you still have small children or other pets, it is important that your dog learns how to interact with other people and dogs already at puppy age. In addition, the intelligent animals also always want to learn new things and be kept busy.

Since the four-legged friends have a lot of energy, it is often advisable to acquire them only when your children are already a little older. This is also due to the fact that in the Australian Retriever under certain circumstances the herding instinct of the Australian Shepherd can come through.

But with the right education as well as enough run and occupation the Australian Shepherd – Golden Retriever mix will become a good friend and companion.

The Golden Retriever – Australian Shepherd mix for you

In this article I have now explained to you the most important points to consider if you want to get an Australian Retriever.

The crossbreed is especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle, who can offer their four-legged friend enough exercise and activity. However, if you live in a small apartment in the city and are out of the house for several hours each day, you may be better off looking for another breed of dog.

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