Reason for hope: more reindeer on spitsbergen

Reason for hope: more reindeer on spitsbergen

100 years after humans decimated the reindeer on the spitsbergen archipelago in the north atlantic, the species has largely recovered.

This is the conclusion of a report by the norwegian university of science and technology (NTNU) in trondheim. "Around 1900, the reindeer on svalbard (the norwegian name of the group of islands) were more or less extinct," says biologist mathilde le moullec. At that time, there were only a few thousand animals left.

Combining teaching and studying in coburg

The chamber of handicrafts of upper franconia in coburg does not want to completely abandon the topic of training and further education. In the spring, there was considerable trouble within the chamber because the vocational and technology center (BTZ) at flobanger is to be closed in the medium term. Apprentices receive in-house training here: aspiring bricklayers, painters, automotive mechanics, electricians, hairdressers, precision mechanics, metalworkers and bakers learn here. Trainees in a number of other professions already have to travel to external training centers further afield.

The chamber of handicrafts in upper franconia operates four such centers. That's one too many, says the federal government, which is demanding 75 percent of this BTZ. Coburg is to fall, new buildings are to be constructed in bamberg.

The added value of karl marx

This year's summer festival of the DGB kronach district association and the catholic company chaplaincy met with a good response. Keynote speaker was manfred bohm, head of the bamberg company chaplaincy. DGB district chairman wolfgang schmitt buried numerous works council members, staff council members and employees in the inner courtyard of the kronach oblate monastery.

Loss of collective bargaining

The head of the catholic company chaplaincy in kronach, eckhard joe schneider, began by talking about the elections to the works council and the staff council, which had gone well. Over 50 percent of the bodies were newly formed. Eckardt expressed his thanks and appreciation to the colleagues on the spot. He deplored the increasing loss of collective bargaining in bavaria, with only 53 percent of employees protected by collective agreements. He pointed out that now one has again the right to change to full time.
Schmitt led over to the main speaker. "We must show our colors and show where we stand", he said. For this reason, karl marx (whose 200. The topic of this year's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of thaumetopoein). "Can he help us to sharpen our vision in order to be able to classify the realities more clearly??", asked schmitt. In addition . Manfred bohm from marx's book "das kapital he presented some passages in more detail and put his lecture under the motto "karl marx and his added value". In the country there are mostly one-sided distorted images of marx, which amount to either a canonization or a demonization. In the east, he was a kind of national saint; in the west, for precisely this reason, he could not be viewed impartially.
Especially in conservative circles, he was not infrequently rejected across the board, above all because of three things, because of his atheism, because of – as it hit – his collectivist view of the world, which debased individual persons, and because of his revolutionary spirit. Furthermore, he was more or less held responsible for the real existing socialism and its outgrowths up to the blackest stalinism. Critically, the speaker said: "in the same logic, we must consequently hold jesus responsible for the abuse incidents of church employees. " without friedrich engels marx would not have survived and had time to write "capital" to write. Engels, for his part, was a representative of the capitalist class in terms of his social role. In manchester he owned a cotton mill, from whose products he and marx lived.

Mask supply is ordered

"At the moment, we feel that we have a manageable, albeit steady, increase in the number of patients." alexander schmidtke, chief executive officer of the municipal hospital group regiomed, talks about the patients infected with sars-cov-2, the corona patients. Still, he says, the capacities in the regiomed hospitals are sufficient for their care.

A patient died in lichtenfels who had been treated at the hospital there. Managing director robert wieland confirms the death of the company's employees. No further information is available: data protection and the obligation to maintain confidentiality prevent this, and it has also been agreed with the district authorities that regiomed will not disclose any sickness figures.

Corridor chapels in oberaurach tell stories

If you hike or cycle in the frankische flur, you'll always come across shrines, wayside shrines and small chapels. Testimonies of coarse popular piety, which often tell of family fates. There are also many such chapels in oberaurach, one of which, the kappela in trossenfurt, has now been renovated by volunteers and presents itself in new splendor.

The chapel was built for a sad occasion. The entrepreneur and stonemason adam buhl erected it in memory of his sons oscar and gunther, who were killed in rubland in the second world war. Adam buhl lived in berlin for a long time and ran a large construction business there with his wife. But he has never forgotten his hometown. Many people from trossenfurt worked for him in berlin or on construction sites all over germany and beyond.

Speculative addiction leads kronacher to the cadi

"I was a driven man, the stock market ruled my whole life and my free time", this is how a 49-year-old former banker defended himself in court. His work in a financial institution in the district of kronach also suffered from his speculative addiction. This began in the morning with the checking of the stock exchange rates. Even though he had sworn many times to stop immediately after winning, he had not been able to stop his actions.

Since monday, the man has had to answer to the first gross criminal division of the coburg regional court. Prosecutor sarah roll accuses him of defrauding unsuspecting customers of their savings in more than 160 cases in order to enrich himself. The smallest amount that kronach unjustifiably took is 53.66 euros, according to the prosecution, and the largest amount is over 50 euros.000 euros. In total, the banker is alleged to have defrauded eleven customers of the branch, where he held a senior position, out of more than 500,000 euros over a period from june 2011 to may 2016.000 euros. Before that, the man is said to have dipped into the bank's coffers. In order to conceal the deficit, according to the public prosecutor's office, the man made a total of 161 debits from the accounts of his customers, in some cases forging signatures.

A symphonist looks to cuba

Even five years after his retirement, musician matthias krug is still known to many bambergers. Today, the former 1. Violinist of the bamberg symphony orchestra through latin america and captures his experiences on camera. The photos he will be taking in santiago de cuba from may under the motto "una mirada foranea" bear witness to his impressions (look of a stranger) presents.

Places that hardly anyone knows

After leaving his job, krug devoted himself to learning spanish. It was only in this way that the then 65-year-old was able to talk to the locals during his travels and "learn to love cuba in his own way. During subsequent visits, krug, with the help of his contacts, discovered many places that the average tourist rarely comes across. He always had his camera with him, with which he captured the most unusual moments and events.
The fact that krug is now the first foreigner to be allowed to exhibit in the cuban equivalent of the office for the preservation of historical monuments in santiago de cuba is not only due to his photographic talent. By chance, his cuban friends became aware of krug's work and put him in touch with the relevant officials. "Due to the complicated political situation in cuba, it is difficult to organize such an event", krug explains. The fact that it is now possible for him to share his work with the cubans is mainly thanks to the commitment of his friends.

New building land in trimberg

The second-smallest district in the market town of elfershausen, measured in terms of population, is facing tree-trimming and the development of new building land. The former "parish road the market elfershausen wants to extend the fubweg to the trimburg, also planned is the preparation of the "hackertorweg". Building land could be created in the quellenstrabe.

As mayor karlheinz kickuth (SPD/G) informed in the castle meeting, the parish road extension starts at the parking lot of the trimburg access road and leads from here to the mountain ridge and the castle. With it hour beside the passable "hans-schneider-weg" a pure fubweg to the verfugung. A demand of the mabnahme was rejected so far however. The renovation of the hackertorweg has already been approved by the municipal council. An implementation could still take place this year.

Attention, deco from the right!

Attention, deco from the right!

This is proven by the olympic boycotts in 1980 (the USA did not go to moscow because of the invasion of the ussr in afghanistan) and 1984 (the russians retaliated and stayed away from los angeles, although the amis had not yet bombed the hindu kush at that time). Now the discussion is smoldering about the possibility of the west staying away from the soccer world cup in russia; if at all, this is not limited to teams, but at the highest level to functionaries.

Because of the russian doping incidents at the olympics in pyeongchang, another major sporting event was on the brink of collapse at the end of march, and that was the
biathlon world cup in khanty-mansiysk. But it took place anyway, even though there was another (good) news item because of the unclear poison attack on the ex-double agent skripal and his daughter in london?) had given reason to cancel the competition.