Smoke detector obligation: deadline met, deadline passed

The most important question first: in which rooms must smoke detectors be installed?? Bernd kotzner explains it: at least one "in every child's room, in every bedroom and in every corridor leading to living or recreation rooms." the fireman from zeil has dealt with the subject intensively. At his employer, the maincor company, he is a fire protection officer, and he has also qualified as a "smoke alarm specialist have trained. Now he advises companies and private individuals on the questions that can arise in connection with the legal smoke detector obligation.

He also installs the devices and checks their operational readiness. Since 1. According to the bavarian building code, all households must be equipped with smoke detectors by january 1. Although smoke detectors have been mandatory in bavaria since september 2012, there have been various deadlines. For all new buildings constructed after 2012, the smoke detector obligation has been mandatory for five years now. For older existing buildings, the deadline is now 31 december. December 2017 from. Of course, in bernd kotzner's experience, this does not mean that every building has been retrofitted accordingly. One of the reasons for this is that there is no control by the legislator: "no one comes to your house and checks the smoke alarm system."
the 36-year-old sends out a warning: if someone comes by and pretends to want to see if the smoke detectors are installed, that person will certainly have other things on his mind than worrying about fire protection in the building. Therefore: only the person you have commissioned to do so should be allowed access to your smoke alarm devices. If, for example, in rented apartments the landlord has commissioned a specialist for the purpose of installation, the landlord should inform his tenants of this.

How ai data analytics can help detect fraud in insurance claims

Since the pandemic, insurance companies around the world have come under scrutiny. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many insurers to predict and classify claims. This has allowed people with malicious intent to commit fraud without being noticed. AI data analytics is key to reducing insurance fraud detection rates and the cost of fraudulent claims against insurance policies.

Insurance companies are now actively using artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to detect fraudulent activity and unusual claims. Insurance companies can continuously monitor fraudulent activity using AI and ML-based technology. This allows them to automate important tasks such as claims management.

Tips for packing and shipping your belongings during an international move

Tips for packing and shipping your belongings when moving internationally

When preparing for an international move, it’s important to properly plan for packing and shipping your belongings. To ensure your belongings are safe and secure during transit, and that you comply with all local and international regulations, you will need to make some preparations.

Important things to consider before you move internationally

Before you get into packing your belongings and shipping them, you need to make sure you have all the necessary documents and permits to make your move as stress-free as possible. Check the requirements of each country you will be passing through along the way. Also be aware of other restrictions and limitations such as housing qualification guidelines, visa requirements or other health insurance requirements.

Pension consultant helmut gopfert

By the first care strengthening law among other things the benefit amounts are changed with the individual achievements of the social care insurance to 01.01.2015 raised. This also increases the benefit amounts for the care benefits in kind.

The care benefit in kind is granted to insured persons in the home who have the care provided by a service provider of the care insurance fund. In these cases, care is provided by social welfare centers or by the. outpatient care services.

Care allowance 2017: benefits for care at home

Caring for a relative at home not only costs a lot of time, but sometimes also a lot of nerves. Above all, the financial burden is a big problem for many, which they cannot solve without further help. Although a place in a nursing home is still significantly more expensive in most cases, the pension of most people is still far from sufficient to cover the costs incurred. The questions that many caring family members ask themselves revolve around the financing of home care: What costs are covered by long-term care insurance?? How much is the care allowance 2017? What happens if I fall ill myself or go on vacation?? How much money is due and how can I claim it?? Does the nursing care insurance also pay for 24h care? We would like to cover these and other questions extensively on this page to give you valuable tips on how to get the most out of your situation.

Care allowance 2017: you can, depending on the care grade, get up to 901, – euros care allowance for care at home; © uschi dreiucker /