Back up your company’s data memory: daily greets the backup and recovery marmot

You've certainly owned a considerable amount of insurance for years or decades. But at the latest when reviewing your own documents for the year-end closing, the thought creeps into your mind, considering the many closings and their costs, why you actually pay these insurances year after year without having used them once. You do not fackeln long and cancel some of it, among other things the household insurance. But shortly afterwards a pipe blockage with consequential water damage ruins the electrics of her sinfully expensive home cinema system, the precious carpet and the just newly acquired living room furnishings as well. No one wants to be liable for the damage. You are stuck with it and the high follow-up costs. Applied to business practice, it's immediately clear why a clear backup and recovery strategy, along with a reliable backup solution, can save big trouble, long business downtimes and high revenue losses. Therefore in the following three aspects of the necessity of a functioning data protection and data recovery are to be illuminated.

Sick on vacation – organizing return transport from abroad yourself

Organize return transport of the sick from abroad yourself

Vacation is coming up: The suitcase is packed, last purchases are made and the anticipation of relaxing weeks is huge. The term "vacation" is usually associated with positive things, and it is easy to forget that you yourself or a friend or family member could become seriously ill or have an accident during the vacation period. If the medical standards in the foreign hospitals are then still so poor that treatment in the home country is necessary, a way must be found quickly to fly back home.

Health insurance app: a great opportunity for insurers and patients

Health insurance app: A great opportunity for insurers and patients

The current corona pandemic presents society with unprecedented challenges. Particularly with regard to the healthcare sector, the crisis surrounding digitalization has raised a number of fundamental questions. Right now, the importance of fast, uncomplicated provision of diagnoses and the importance of flexible, confidential communication between different doctors, hospitals and insurance companies is becoming apparent. Overall, digitization in this area in this country has taken a big step forward in recent months. This is evidenced by increased opportunities in online consultations or through the Corona warning app. Because of these developments, patients are increasingly demanding greater flexibility and rapid availability when it comes to information and communication with service providers such as health insurance companies. But what about legislative efforts in general with regard to digitization in healthcare? And what are the specific opportunities for insurers here??

Culture shock – living abroad

You may have always wanted to live or work abroad, and when you think back on your time as an expat, it could be a highlight of your life. But after the move, initially a culture shock can often make life difficult.

What is culture shock?

In today's modern world, we often use the term "culture shock" lightly, forgetting that these are psychological difficulties that many people deal with when they are in an unfamiliar place. Canadian anthropologist Kalervo Oberg defined culture shock as an occupational disease of people suddenly transplanted abroad. Like most illnesses, give them their own symptoms, causes and a cure.

Information for doctors

Depending on the examinations required, different materials are needed. Information on this and on the transport conditions can be found on the respective order form under "Forms".

Please note that in exceptional cases we cannot process examination material. Reasons for this can be unlabeled or coagulated samples, too little material, samples with missing examination order or samples without sender. If possible, you as the sender will be informed by us immediately after sample receipt in these cases.

Electric vehicles will be exempt from registration tax as of 2021

Starting in 2021, electric vehicles will be exempt from registration taxes. This important news is a huge boon for electric vehicle owners, as they will save a significant amount of money. In this article, we explain in detail the benefits and changes this will bring to electric vehicle owners in 2021.

In which situations is the registration tax exempt?

Registration tax is a tax paid for the initial registration of a new vehicle. However, there are certain situations in which the registration tax is exempt, d. h. You do not have to pay it. These situations are:

These are the top 5 travel destinations for the fall vacations in 2023

Going on vacation in the autumn vacations has several advantages at once. On the one hand you save some costs, because in the off-season flight and hotel prices are particularly favorable. On the other hand, there are simply fewer people traveling. They have thus also times a conditions nearly completely for itself alone!

But which destinations are worthwhile at all in the autumn climate? We've picked out 5 destinations that are particularly worth visiting during the fall vacations. We have researched destinations from all areas for you: from weekend destinations in Germany to exciting long-distance trips in faraway countries.