Speculative addiction leads kronacher to the cadi

"I was a driven man, the stock market ruled my whole life and my free time", this is how a 49-year-old former banker defended himself in court. His work in a financial institution in the district of kronach also suffered from his speculative addiction. This began in the morning with the checking of the stock exchange rates. Even though he had sworn many times to stop immediately after winning, he had not been able to stop his actions.

Since monday, the man has had to answer to the first gross criminal division of the coburg regional court. Prosecutor sarah roll accuses him of defrauding unsuspecting customers of their savings in more than 160 cases in order to enrich himself. The smallest amount that kronach unjustifiably took is 53.66 euros, according to the prosecution, and the largest amount is over 50 euros.000 euros. In total, the banker is alleged to have defrauded eleven customers of the branch, where he held a senior position, out of more than 500,000 euros over a period from june 2011 to may 2016.000 euros. Before that, the man is said to have dipped into the bank's coffers. In order to conceal the deficit, according to the public prosecutor's office, the man made a total of 161 debits from the accounts of his customers, in some cases forging signatures.

A deep dive

It really gets down to the nitty gritty now. The next few years will determine how far mankind can contain the climate crisis. The global economy plays the central role. Do we people succeed in developing business models that do not further fuel the climate? Are we succeeding in transforming entire industries in a sustainable way?