Roland fister turns “dorian gray” into a musical opera

Oscar wilde's novel "the picture of dorian gray is a scandalous literary masterpiece. Roland fister, conductor at the landestheater, has made a musical opera out of it. The premiere will take place on saturday in coburg.

Who quickly enters the piano excerpt from "dorian gray"? Purely blatant, stumbles again and again over clever changes of tact. How often did you, as a conductor, curse the composer roland fister during rehearsals??
Roland fister: maybe it was more necessary to ask how often the orchestra cursed the composer and conductor. The score is already demanding, more demanding than I had actually thought. But as a former percussionist, you don't think too much about changing the beat. And of course there is the fact that in the case of a premiere there are no reference recordings. The other challenge is the frequent changes of key.

Knowledge producers in debt: how can i increase the impact potential of scientific texts??

Air pollution correlates with the quality of our speeches and texts, I recently read in a study. An air pollution value above 15 micrograms per cubic meter significantly deteriorates our writing quality. I currently live in Berlin. So if I waited for the air quality to improve so I could write better texts, I'd probably be lost. Going to the country to write is not an option either. What is needed, therefore, are adjusting screws that can be turned. Expressed in scientific language: It is about variables that can be influenced. 1

About the obligation of the knowledge producer to bring

Scientific texts are often pompous – lines of nonsense, jargon, technical vocabulary and nouns as far as the eye can see (see also the SSW blogpost by Christian Kipp). This is the predominant ductus in the scientific technical language, particularly in the German-language. The problem is that this style conflicts with one of the guiding goals of the knowledge system, which is to make knowledge accessible to as wide a readership as possible.

My child does not want to go to school: what can i do??

Going to school can be a difficult transition for children, especially when they move from a small environment to a large one. You can't seem to figure it out. Sure, she cried at her old school and daycare, but after a few days she settled in.

And it doesn't help when other kids are crying, too, sending a ripple effect of anxiety. Your child's school should be an exciting change of pace. Make new friends, go to a new campus, and be a big kid. Thought at least. Is tutoring worthwhile for students?

Traveling together: traveling with a dog

Whether it's a vacation or a move: traveling with a dog can be a bit of a challenge, especially the first time, because there are so many things to think about and plan.
Here you can read what you should consider in advance, what advantages and disadvantages the different types of travel have, and how to make travel as stress-free as possible for you and your dog. In addition, you will receive some practical tips to ensure that nothing goes wrong during your trip.

General preparations before the vacation

To make the vacation with your dog beautiful and relaxing, the right preparation is important. Before you book your vacation, you should therefore clarify a few basic things:

The most common mistakes in keeping european tortoises

In my first article of our small series on the keeping of European tortoises, I described to you the species-appropriate, nature-oriented keeping in outdoor enclosures. In this article I would like to discuss the most common mistakes in keeping tortoises, which unfortunately still appear too often in veterinary and veterinary practitioners’ practices.

The reasons lie in incorrect advice given by the dispensers (especially pet shops) and a lack of information on the part of the keepers. If such mistakes are practiced over a few years, they can lead to dire health consequences in tortoises. Some of these consequences are irreversible and can even be fatal. Since tortoises cannot draw attention to their complaints due to the reptile-typical lack of facial expressions and vocalizations, they often suffer for years and are often presented to the practices much too late.