Day care in the rugendorf village store?

The "rugendorfladen has failed in rugendorf. Today, monday, the municipal council decides in its meeting whether the village store can become a day care facility.

People did not participate

A single car is parked in front of the "rugendorfladen": to withdraw money, because shopping is not possible anymore for a long time. The store is closed, the cooperative is in the process of bankruptcy liquidation. "It was simply not accepted", says elisabeth schmidt-hofmann. "I myself bought everything there. But it was not possible to make people understand that the 'rugendorfladen' is not a supermarket", according to the municipal council. The assortment was smaller. "You didn't have a choice of five types of beans, but you could get everything."

Personally, elisabeth schmidt-hofmann is sorry that the good idea has failed. "The store was well done. There was a meeting place for people who wanted to sit together, who wanted to have a coffee", she shares.

The shelves are dismantled

The chairs are still in the store. The shelves that were once full to bursting with goods have already been dismantled and are lying in piles around the store. The lottery sign has been taken down. Lottery, magazines, local products – even these incentives were of no use.

Now the city council must decide on a change of use. Possibly the village store could become a day care facility. Senior care instead of a shopping experience – today it's the rates that count.

Burgermeister not available

But why did the project fail? Mayor ralf holzmann could not be reached for a statement. Matthias rodel, the chairman of the cooperative, blames the people of rugendorf themselves, as does the local councilor. "Actually everything started well. But the store was not accepted. The demands of the people were too high. In the end, it was the people who decided", emphasizes rodel and continues: "we could not wait longer with a closure, because if it is not possible, then it is also a matter of not letting the costs rise immeasurably." the insolvency proceedings are currently underway. What will happen to the deposits, how long the procedure will take – the chairman cannot say anything about that.

Was it the wrong location?

Rodel does not believe that the location was wrong. "There was no possibility directly in the center of the village. But the store was close to home." in addition, the doctor's office was in the immediate vicinity. There was enough parking space. "The need and the desire were there, but in the end people shopped elsewhere."

"Sales were not enough"

When the numbers got worse and worse, fritz dumler tried his luck with a store. "What was missing was the transit customers", he says. " the turnover from rugendorf alone was simply not enough." dumler previously had a small store next to the school in rugendorf. "But that was another time. We also had a completely different assortment: actually only baked goods." in addition, one employee was sufficient in the old store, in the "rugendorfladen" several sellers of note were. "The monthly basic costs were simply too high. In addition, the access road from the main street was missing."

A village store could have worked, believes the copper miner. "We also have a store in kupferberg. But if we have earned 300 euros there early, because people stop, there was nothing in rugendorf yet." dumler was in rugendorf from september 2017 to april 2018. "I am a businessman. I wanted to try it, but it just didn't work out."

Nursing service has interest

What is happening in the "rugendorfladen"? Becomes? The people of rugendorf are curious to see what the municipal council decides, whether the building will be put to a different use now. The radspitz nursing service is interested in a day care facility.

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