Himmelkron wants two mobile homes – up to 500 jobs

The construction of two mobile markets near himmelkron is far from off the table. On tuesday evening, the municipal council unanimously decided to initiate a regional planning procedure for the new building west of the BAB9 and north of the bundesstrabe 303.

Gerhard muller, managing director of the bayreuth housing association, spent more than an hour explaining the proposal – knowing full well that the government of upper franconia would reject it.

Managing director gerhard muller stated that the bayreuth housing association, in conjunction with the xxxlutz company, is planning to relocate a residential department store and a mobile discounter. A regional planning procedure is to be carried out for this project in coordination with the higher state planning authority, the government of upper franconia.

The housing company will be the carrier of the process, and the company XXX lutz KG will be the later investor of the residential department store.

According to gerhard muller, agreement has already been reached with the landowners concerned on the purchase of the land and this has been notarized. The project area is already designated as an industrial area in the municipality of himmelkron's current land use plan and is currently still used for agricultural purposes.

As muller explained, the project requires a site area of just under 100 hectares.000 square meters planned.

Around 24 million euros have been earmarked for the department store.000 square meters and for the mobile discounter around 7500 square meters of sales area are intended. The building should get a maximum height of 18 meters. 1410 parking spaces are to be built at ground level on the land.

Around 29 million euros in sales
muller also pointed out the economic significance of the project. Sales of 28 to 29 million euros are expected for the residential department store, eight to nine million euros for the furniture store. A total of 350 to 500 people are to be employed in the new furniture stores, with the majority of these jobs being held by women.

In addition, he presented an expert opinion of the society for market and sales research from ludwigsburg. The experts are in favor of an exception in the regional development plan. This is necessary, because such projects are usually designated only in sub-centers and central places of higher level, as well as in urban centers. Himmelkron, however, is classified as a small center and, together with the neighboring communities of bad berneck, marktschorgast, neuenmarkt and wirsberg, is striving to be classified as a medium center.

The report assumes a catchment area of half a million inhabitants. Customer potential is forecast primarily to the north along the freeway in the direction of plauen and zwickau and to the east along the B303 as a link to the czech republic with the city of eger and the surrounding region.
Managing director gerhard muller made it clear that the bayreuth housing association had done "an incredible amount of preparatory work" we expect the government to reject the bill, but in order to have any chance at all, we have to table the motion."

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