Hyggelig live – cozy furnishings in the cold season

For years, the Danes have been among the happiest people in Europe and the world, according to studies. What is the miracle cure for your positive attitude towards life? And what role does interior design play in this?? We reveal how you can transform your own home into a Scandinavian feel-good paradise with cozy blankets, natural wooden furniture and candlelight, and bring the serenity of the Danes into your home.

The attitude to life from Denmark for home

The secret of the Danes is: Hygge! The term describes the Danish philosophy of life and it is impossible to find just one word that reflects the meaning of the word in other languages. It is a whole attitude to life in which coziness, security, mindfulness, family and friends as well as deceleration play a major role. The combination of being with your loved ones, a cozy interior, delicious food and especially a lot of time to relax is needed for the hygge feeling. Especially in winter, when the sun can only be seen for a few hours in Denmark, the home is a cherished refuge to rest and recharge, but also a place to get together in a cozy atmosphere. We also want a hyggeliges home in this time of year and want to let the Danish way of life move in with us. With a few simple steps it is possible to bring the Hygge style or the Hygge feeling into the house.

Walls in calm colors with framed favorite moments

The cold blue, the neon-lit green or the garish white woodchip wallpaper – all examples that show that not every wall color can contribute to relaxation. Especially the Scandinavian style impresses with neutral and simple tones. The basic color for the hygge feeling is white. On garish, obtrusive and restless patterns is completely renounced. Instead, natural colors, such as cream white, ecru, sand or a light gray are used. Stylish accents set, for example, tapestries with graphic prints. Triangles and circles are popular patterns among the Danes. Likewise, our northern neighbors love color accents in soft pastel tones. In addition, as already mentioned, hygge stands for being together and enjoying happy moments. Therefore, the goal should be to create a space where you can remember wonderful events, loved ones or exciting trips. With the help of beautifully framed photos on the walls you bring back the past experiences and the feelings associated with them. There are numerous ways to edit one's photos online, so that finally wonderful pictures can be printed, framed and hung up. The creative design of framed objects and picture frames themselves is of course also possible.

Beautify the home with self-designed pictures © Mia_Teegan / pixabay.com

Soft pillows and blankets made of natural materials

Not only photos and pictures on the walls that evoke positive emotions increase the feel-good factor. Sleek wool blankets and accent pillows likewise create a new sense of space without having to rearrange the entire room. Chairs, couches, beds and other seating and reclining furniture should be as comfortable as possible. What is the use of an expensive designer sofa if it is not comfortable and invites you to loll about?? Equipped with cuddly furs and high-quality plaids made of soft materials such as cashmere, merino or cotton rain couch and Co. It encourages you to make yourself comfortable on the furniture and among the blankets and pillows. When buying home accessories, make sure that they are made of natural materials. Blankets and pillows made from natural materials have the advantage of reducing heat buildup and being breathable. In contrast, synthetic, inexpensive fabrics can promote sweating and take on odors. In addition, these materials can cause allergies, as they are often mixed with chemical solvents. This quickly destroys the cozy atmosphere, which is why it is all the more important to pay attention to quality in home accessories.

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Conjure up a cozy atmosphere in no time at all – with blankets and pillows © Schramm Werkstatten

Nice, warm light – artificial light as indirect as possible

The smell and flickering of scented candles is also part of the hyggelige cuddly atmosphere on the sofa. Every Dane consumes over four kilos of candle wax every year. This figure shows how essential candles are for the Scandinavian attitude to life. The flames of the candles emit orange light, bringing some of the coziness of the summer sun into the room. Natural fragrances incorporated into the wax provide additional relaxation for the senses. Particularly beautiful look different thicknesses and different sizes of pillar candles in soft colors arranged on a decorative tray. Recommended are candles made of soy wax with natural essential oils. If possible fragrance oils are not naturally pure, you run the risk of provoking headaches. Those who like to fall asleep on the sofa should rather use fairy lights with warm white LED lights. However, the use of illuminants is usually advisable only if it is done indirectly. Light strips mounted behind a panel, spotlights directed at the wall or light guided by diffuser help here.

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Furniture and decoration in warm colors and materials

In addition to its clean lines and soft tones, the Nordic style captivates with handmade or natural furniture and home accessories. To get suitable accessories, you just need to take a walk in the woods and collect beautiful things for home. Chestnuts, acorns, beautifully grown branches and dried leaves bring nature into the room. Danish furniture designers use wood, metal and stone in their creations. Not smoothly polished and reflective, but with natural charm to create a completely original sense of harmony. Glass and reflective metal, on the other hand, have a rather cold and forbidding effect; they are also far too reminiscent of business high-rises, where stress and hustle and bustle are the order of the day. But surely no one wants to know about this, when he retreats in the cold season in the comfortably decorated apartment to relax.

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