New building land in trimberg

The second-smallest district in the market town of elfershausen, measured in terms of population, is facing tree-trimming and the development of new building land. The former "parish road the market elfershausen wants to extend the fubweg to the trimburg, also planned is the preparation of the "hackertorweg". Building land could be created in the quellenstrabe.

As mayor karlheinz kickuth (SPD/G) informed in the castle meeting, the parish road extension starts at the parking lot of the trimburg access road and leads from here to the mountain ridge and the castle. With it hour beside the passable "hans-schneider-weg" a pure fubweg to the verfugung. A demand of the mabnahme was rejected so far however. The renovation of the hackertorweg has already been approved by the municipal council. An implementation could still take place this year.

Photographs cost

A building application in the quellenstrabe needs a small clear plant for the dehydration, which the permission authority forbids however in the interior area. Therefore, a canal tree removal is necessary, which the council also approved together with the rounding off of the site. So that building sites can be created in the quellenstrabe.

The council's decision to charge 150 euros for private photography on the trimburg was met with criticism, especially since the complainant – who did not wish to be named – is an avid helper in the management of the castle. Kickuth referred to the rules laid down by the council for the case of renting, in which safety reasons also play a role and a building yard employee must be on site. Gunter betzen suggested to create a division for club members and commercial photographers, which the market town council wants to consider again.
The creation of a mountain bike trail, according to the opinion of several present, possibly collides with the hunting area. A section of this route also runs along a designated hiking trail, which is also not desired by the market. Kickuth still has a conversation with the hunters in this matter. The lamented use of the wide driveway coming from euerdorf as a rest area may also have been due to the signposting.

Checking legality

On a sold plot of land in bruckenstrabe, the owner dumps discarded furniture that not only looks bad, but could also be a safety risk. The administration is to verify the legality of storage. The next christmas is still a long way off, but manfred morper had the foresight to point out that the christmas tree in the village is too tall and the chain of lights provided is too short.

Broadband expansion is also progressing in elfershausen thanks to a federal demand program. In a second step, the federal government is awarding up to 15 million euros to call for expansion projects for high-speed internet. The market took advantage of the consulting services and loved to create a fiber optic master plan and a bit rate analysis, the costs of which of around 32,000 euros are covered by the federal requirements program.

At the meeting organized by the "allianz frankisches saaletal" the project "grungitter" was worked out two counties participate. A "wildlife habitat management" in municipal cooperation is conceivable under the sponsorship of the lower nature conservation authority. The alliances, frankisches saaletal and kissinger bogen are making around 500 hectares of land available for this purpose; the project volume amounts to more than one million euros. A claim by the bavarian nature conservation association is in prospect, informed the mayor.

The market in numbers

The market currently has 3000 residents, 139 of whom have a secondary residence. Elfershausen is the largest village with 1372 inhabitants, engenthal the smallest with 140 inhabitants. 30 people died last year, 35 newborns were born. The market pays 35 trade tax payers. The total budget at the end of the year was 13.8 million euros. Of this amount, 5.2 million euros are allocated to the administrative budget and 8.5 million euros to the property budget.

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