Slow Smoked Beef Back Ribs

As I shared pictures of these slow smoked Beef back ribs, many cooks were asking how you did cook them. I will do the best I can to try to explain to you exactly how I smoked them.

Remove the membrane; apply a light coat of olive oil over the whole slab of ribs. Then mix a beef injection made with a can of beef broth and ¼ cup of apple juice, inject the ribs. Cover a light coat of Daigle's Cajun Grillin' Blend, then on top Talk Texan Brisket Rub, and course black pepper. (3parts rub 1 part course black pepper, make sure it is course) Let it the ribs sit in frig covered over for at least 6 hours.

Set the Smoker/Pit temp to 235-250F I used charcoal, Pecan wood (Pecan, not PeeCan) and Oak. When smoker gets to 235F put on the grill and let it cook for an hour, spray with mixture of apple Juice and little beef broth every hour for 3 to 4 hours, now the question is when to pull them to wrap. I like to look at the color of the ribs, nice dark color is what I am looking for, and the meat pulling away from the bones. Once they reach the dark color wrap them with aluminum foil for about 30-45 minutes. Take them out of the foil put back on the pit for another 20 minutes.