Training as a permanent make-up artist: this is important

As a permanent make-up artist, you will apply lipstick, kohl or eyebrow color to the faces of your clients. Unlike conventional make-up, permanent make-up is not easily removed with water. Before you decide to train, you should already have a completed training as a beautician or as a makeup artist. This makes it easier to start a business.

Permanent makeup is in vogue

Probably every woman knows the problem: You stand in front of the mirror in the morning and ask yourself what the perfect make-up for the day should look like. It should match the mood and clothing, but must also be appropriate to the occasion of the day. A good make-up requires time, which is not always available in the early morning. So it is only understandable that you want permanent makeup that looks like freshly applied at all times. However, since this make-up remains on the skin for many years – after all, the skin is re-pigmented in the respective areas – it is essential to opt for small embellishments that do not change the face too much, but merely emphasize the assets. A good permanent make up artist will point this out to his clients. For sure, he also has one or the other tip ready, how the permanent beautification all around succeeds and still looks stunning in a few months and years. So a job with this focus is very responsible, but also enormously enjoyable.

The best way to get started is with training

The technician for permanent make-up is not an apprenticeship in the classical sense. This is why there is no actual training in this area. You learn everything you need to know in a training course with a high practical relevance. In this training, the focus is therefore primarily on the application in practice. This means learning and practicing in practice, although theoretical knowledge is of course also taught. As a basis, a relevant education is necessary. If you are already trained as a cosmetician or make-up artist and have worked for several years, you will successfully complete a practical training course to become a technician. It is important, however, that one already has sufficient experience as a make-up artist or even as a beautician. Therefore, one should definitely have worked for a few years in an institute or in a practice. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether you were self-employed or worked as an employee. Of importance is only that one has enough experience in practice, because only then the also practical training as a technician brings the desired success. A training course as a permanent make-up artist is therefore ultimately a further training course with which a make-up artist or a beautician supplements her professional profile.

Work as an employee or in your own salon

Whether working as a Technician in this field is an option doesn’t depend so much on whether you want to be employed or self-employed. Both variants are possible, often one also begins first in an employment relationship in an institute or in a salon, in order to become then independent with the appropriate experience in practice and to create its own enterprise.

If you want to work independently, however, you should definitely weigh up the pros and cons. Self-employment always involves a certain risk, which must be known and classified. Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur, and it takes, above all, a comprehensive understanding of business and entrepreneurial thinking to successfully run your own salon for many years to come. However, if you feel called to be an entrepreneur, this profession gives you the chance to make many people happy, because as a permanent makeup artist there are countless ways to visually beautify customers. Satisfied customers come back again and again and make positive publicity. Once you have made a good name for yourself, the chances are good that you will be successful on the market for a long time to come.

This is how the training works

Permanent make-up lasts between three and five years. Therefore a precise and professional work is essential. During the training you will learn about hygiene and skin diagnosis. Legal regulations and basic commercial knowledge are taught, as well as specialist knowledge about pigmentation and the chemical processes behind it. Equipment knowledge is also on the plan. Of course a certain feeling for the type consultation is absolutely necessary, because with the durable Make up the personal type is to be stressed skillfully. Knowledge of eyelid line correction, eyebrow accentuation and optimization of lip contours as well as eyelash thickening are just some of the subjects you will learn during the training program.

If you have received such practical training, you have the best chance of making your customers happy all round and of working in a dream job, both as an employee and as a self-employed person. Then, at the latest, you will certainly forget that you first had to do a classical education in order to finally practice your dream profession professionally.

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