What is texas hold’em? Meaning and explanation of the poker variant

What is Texas Hold em, meaning and explanation of the poker variant

Poker is one of the most popular card games worldwide. One variant particularly excites players: Texas Hold'em. What's behind the term and how the rules shape up.

What is Texas Hold'em? Meaning, definition, explanation

Texas Hold'em is a variant of the card game poker. This version is most commonly offered in casinos and gaming establishments. At the famous tournament "World Series of Poker" the players played this kind of poker.


Hold'em is derived from "hold them" and is an abbreviation of this expression. To German "halten sie". You can find out what other terms mean in German here.

Poker: How to play Hold'em?

In Hold'em, five cards are placed face up in the center of the poker table. From each player these cards can be used to form the hand. But only two cards of the poker hand may be used.

To play, a pack of French cards is usually taken. These include 52 hands. Two to a maximum of ten people can play poker like this.

The goal: to obtain the highest poker combination. Through strategies and clever play, teammates are forced to give up.

The history of Texas Hold'em

This poker variant is derived from another game – "Wild Widow". In 1920, the card game was played for the first time. One card was placed on the table for all participants to see. Where it goes from here is in the dark.

Today, Texas Hold'em is played with two player cards and five community cards. The five best cards from the total of seven cards are scored in the final to form the best poker hand.

No dealer, no Texas Hold'em

Before the first game, the croupier shuffles the poker cards. A player takes off. The croupier then deals each player an open card. The player with the highest card is the dealer, which means the dealer is the dealer.

What is played with?

In casinos, it is regular to play not directly with money, but with chips. In tournaments, however, the money can sometimes fly on the table. If the games are cash games, the chips correspond to a fixed equivalent in real amounts.

These are the variants of Hold'em

There are also sub-variants of this poker game. These are called:

  • No-Limit
  • Fixed-Limit
  • Pot-Limit
  • Split Limit

Different strategies are required for each variant. In general, it is said that no-limit poker is more about psychology.

It is always important to observe one's opponents closely and to put on the famous poker face oneself.

Winnings in poker can usually be achieved in the long run and with patience.

Origin: Where does poker come from?

Few card games are as popular and well-known in the world as poker. Whether it's grandpa sitting in his poker game or young strategists who like to go all out. Poker inspires many generations. First evidence dates back to 13. Century. Playing cards were used in China. However, the Egyptian "Ganjifa" is also considered one of the first card games of chance. Presumably poker has formed over time from various influences. Among experts, the Persian card game "AS NAS" is now considered the origin of poker.

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